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    Andrew Rannells in Hedwig and the Angry Inch

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    The Harvest Festival is tomorrow. And I am so proud of all of you. You’ve worked so hard. You’re amazing. So I have a surprise. And it is possibly the best thing to potentially ever happen to anyone anywhere in the history of the universe.

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We are so cute!!!! I love you @timewilltell007 <33333 #tbt


    We are so cute!!!! I love you @timewilltell007 <33333 #tbt

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    Everyone Loves a Good Car Jam!!! - by Thomas Sanders


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by Marilee Spencer
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    I love you 

    I love you 

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    Sometimes I embroider my messy feelings on my pillowcase.

    Constant Headache- Joyce Manor

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    I’m still learning how to stop apologizing
    for all that I am; I wear my skin like a blanket
    that’s never been able to keep you warm enough
    and Mom always used to say if you stay out in
    the cold, you’re gonna get sick, I don’t want you
    getting sick, please, don’t get sick of me.

    I’m wearing out my I’m sorry’s like my
    dignity’s on clearance but please hear me, they’ve
    got me mislabeled. I’m not trying to sell anything, I’m
    just trying to keep you around. And I know that the sound
    of the same syllables over and over can become like your
    favorite melody ruined by your alarm clock telling you to
    wake up to nothing ever changing, but I’m trying,

    and I’m afraid of what happens
    when the music stops playing.

    I hope my I love you’s never stop making
    your heartbeat do pirouettes along your ribcage.

    I hope my sadness doesn’t replace my name
    on your Caller ID, I hope that you remember that
    this isn’t me, that my genetics fell on a fault line and
    my happiness fluctuates on the days of the week, but I
    still love you with every tremor in every earthquake of my
    universe. I love you when I go away; when I am nothing
    but tired eyes and chapped lips and empty, and empty, when I
    force you to cradle my missed calls against your cheek because
    I’ve adopted an impediment in positive speech, I’m sorry. I’m
    sorry that we had to drive back to the house on Tuesday when I
    forgot to take my pills, and I’m sorry that I’m not up for going out
    tomorrow, I’m sorry that my mind wanders sometimes when you
    tell me about your day, I- I do want to hear about your day,
    I am so sorry

    and yeah, I’m still learning how
    to stop apologizing, baby, but I still love you, so hard.

    Mainly, I’m just –
    mainly, I’m just sorry
    for being selfish enough to ask you to stay.

    — "Why Your Depressed Lover Keeps Saying Sorry" -Valentina Thompson (via theseoverusedwords)